Pug Man

Scanning the room, all he saw were scared faces and the glass shards across the floor. A thin line across his own lips curved upwards as he voiced his signature line “NO NEED TO FEAR, FOR PUG MAN IS HERE”. From the corner he saw but a little girl smile and point at him gleefully, but stopped as her mother directed a threatening glare of her own. He frowned, for this was but his job, his cause. He was a hero and a savior of both people and pugs. Cracking his knuckles, he got out his tools, he was going to set these pugs free once and for all. Going up to the first cage, he took the needle and injected the flat faced dog with the cure. The dog slowly fell in to a peaceful sleep. Pug Man smiled as he moved swiftly going cage to cage. The girl from earlier’s face distorted from confusion to realization as Pug Man reached the last cage. The sound of crying and sirens could be heard all throughout the pet shop. The employees and the rest of the costumers were left in shock as Pug Man walked down the isle, soon stopping by the broken window. “Freeze!” the police officer shouted with Pug Man now running out of the store, but soon tackled down by multiple officers.

You see, Pug Man’s real name is Jerry. Jerry is a sixty five year old man who wears neon green underwear outside of a scuba diving suit and euthanizes pugs with pentobarbital to “save them from their suffering”. He had been banned from every pet shop in his city and has over fifteen restraining orders in dog cafes, animal shelters, and dog parks, so he has to either break in by force or sneak in during the night. Now in the hands of the authorities, let’s just say he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


Bill is a normal person, he wakes up, has breakfast, goes to his office job, goes home on the subway, and gets grocery shopping once a week. But now, Bill didn’t know how much longer he could take anymore without having a breakdown. No one takes it seriously anyways, usually saying ‘Your over reacting’ or ‘Is that a thing?’ Nonetheless, Bill continued the conference. He knows that soon it will be his turn to present, then everyone’s eyes are going to be on him, judging at every turn. ‘Hey Bill, are you alright?’ whispered his colleague, it seems that the person next to him noticed. ‘You know there’s really no need to be nervous, right? In my opinion at least’ She quietly said to him. That was the last straw, he knocked his chair over, causing people to stare at him and stop the presentation. People just looked, some motioning him to sit down, some in shook and confusion, or just the two people that just didn’t really mind. This caused Bill to go into an even more panicked state, and starting to pull at his hair. ‘YOUR ALL JUDGING ME’ he continued yelling as he stormed down the hall. His boss, who saw this whole commotion, sent him home and recommended him for therapy… again. Bill was a normal person, he is diagnosed with allodoxaphobia, refuses therapy, was soon fired for not keeping up with his work, wasn’t able to get a job, and now lives in a mental institute. It is rumored that he still hasn’t recovered and is still forced into therapy at least three times a week.


George was very confused about entire situation. First he was trick-or-treating and the next he was getting yelled at by his mom and surrounded by police. I mean sure, it was a bit weird for him to be doing such an activity in the first place but he was having fun. He got a half bucket of candy even if every house he went to was reluctant to give him any. Next, when he punched one of his bullies from elementary school, everyone around stared at him in horror and he was pretty sure someone called the authorities. Now he was being criticized by his parents and the police. “Your already 46, George” His mother said in an irritated tone “Why are you still acting like this?”. George who was sitting at the back of the car just stated “he started it”, rolling his eyes. His mother just sighed as they drove the rest of the way home where George would go back into the basement to play mine sweeper, eat Doritos, and drink Mountain Dew for the rest of his life.


As Clark’s vision got dark and murky, his panic seemed to fade, his muscles went limp as his mind grew blank. Exhaling his final breath as he surrendered to the water dragging him down. Splash! Cough! Cough! Clark woke up, his family surrounding him with with worried but disappointed expressions, he seemed to be in a hospital. His mother sighed,”Clark, we are quite disappointed in you”. But you see, Clark doesn’t know how to swim, so of course his first response was “But mom, I can’t swim!”. His girlfriend who was behind his mother walked to his left and crossed her arms. “Clark, it was a baby pool, it wasn’t even a foot deep” she said harshly as she left. After being discharged from the hospital that day he was disowned from his family and dumped by his girlfriend. Clark is pathetic.

Normal Day

Joe yawned, rising from his bed as his alarm went off. He sighed as he lazily got off his bed and changed his clothes. Going into the kitchen he made himself a cup of coffee, walking to his window he opened the blinds to look outside “Why is it always so boring?” he said to himself. Out the window he saw his best and only friend, Bob. Bob as usual was laying down in his dead garden, for he never waters it. Only Joe, who occasionally felt bad for the garden, got a hose or bucket to water it. Otherwise it was dead as can be. “How are you doin’ today, bud” Joe said as he walked over to Bob’s house. As he got closer he saw a dried up brown liquid on the ground, not even slightly fazed, Joe kept going. Soon he was right next to Bob, who had 48 stab wounds on his chest and body. “Same as the usual?” Joe remarked as he sat down. They stared off into the fiery abyss they called a city as the agonizing screams and corpses turned silent. The two friends watched the city crumbling down together. The End.

Jumping Jacks on Cliff

As the group started to unpack, Jaine walked up to the edge of the cliff, blankly staring at the pastel colors of the sunset to wait for the rest of the group to catch up. If she falls it would be her death, the cliff is over 500 feet tall, but she didn’t care, she was waiting for the rest of her group. When the rest of the group got to the edge of the cliff standing side by side, they started waving both arms and legs up and down in sync. “Easy as pie!” Josh said, as he was falling off the cliff. Crack! But the rest of the group didn’t care as they are doing jumping jacks on a cliff in the middle of the night. As they started to rise in front of the silver moon, they flapped quicker than ever seen before, flying away like birds.