As Clark’s vision got dark and murky, his panic seemed to fade, his muscles went limp as his mind grew blank. Exhaling his final breath as he surrendered to the water dragging him down. Splash! Cough! Cough! Clark woke up, his family surrounding him with with worried but disappointed expressions, he seemed to be in a hospital. His mother sighed,”Clark, we are quite disappointed in you”. But you see, Clark doesn’t know how to swim, so of course his first response was “But mom, I can’t swim!”. His girlfriend who was behind his mother walked to his left and crossed her arms. “Clark, it was a baby pool, it wasn’t even a foot deep” she said harshly as she left. After being discharged from the hospital that day he was disowned from his family and dumped by his girlfriend. Clark is pathetic.

Normal Day

Joe yawned, rising from his bed as his alarm went off. He sighed as he lazily got off his bed and changed his clothes. Going into the kitchen he made himself a cup of coffee, walking to his window he opened the blinds to look outside “Why is it always so boring?” out the window he saw his best and only friend, Bob. Bob as usual was laying down in his dead garden, for he never waters it. Only Joe, who occasionally felt bad for the garden, got a hose or bucket to water it. Otherwise it was dead as can be. “How are you doin’ today, bud” Joe said as he walked over to Bob’s house. As he got closer he saw a dried up brown liquid on the ground, not slightly unfazed, Joe kept going. Soon he was right next to Bob, who had 48 stab wounds on his chest and body. “Same as the usual?” Joe remarked as he sat down. They stared off into the fiery abyss they called a city as the agonizing screams and corpses started to turned silent. The two friends watched the city crumbling down together. The End.

Jumping Jacks on Cliff

As the group started to unpack, Jaine walked up to the edge of the cliff, blankly staring at the pastel colors of the sunset to wait for the rest of the group to catch up. If she falls it would be her death, the cliff is over 500 feet tall, but she didn’t care, she was waiting for the rest of her group. When the rest of the group got to the edge of the cliff standing side by side, they started waving both arms and legs up and down in sync. “Easy as pie!” Josh said, as he was falling off the cliff. Crack! But the rest of the group didn’t care as they are doing jumping jacks on a cliff in the middle of the night. As they started to rise in front of the silver moon, they flapped quicker than ever seen before, flying away like birds.