George was very confused about entire situation. First he was trick-or-treating and the next he was getting yelled at by his mom and surrounded by police. I mean sure, it was a bit weird for him to be doing such an activity in the first place but he was having fun. He got a half bucket of candy even if every house he went to was reluctant to give him any. Next, when he punched one of his bullies from elementary school, everyone around stared at him in horror and he was pretty sure someone called the authorities. Now he was being criticized by his parents and the police. “Your already 46, George” His mother said in an irritated tone “Why are you still acting like this?”. George who was sitting at the back of the car just stated “he started it”, rolling his eyes. His mother just sighed as they drove the rest of the way home where George would go back into the basement to play mine sweeper, eat Doritos, and drink Mountain Dew for the rest of his life.

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