Bill is a normal person, he wakes up, has breakfast, goes to his office job, goes home on the subway, and gets grocery shopping once a week. But now, Bill didn’t know how much longer he could take anymore without having a breakdown. No one takes it seriously anyways, usually saying ‘Your over reacting’ or ‘Is that a thing?’ Nonetheless, Bill continued the conference. He knows that soon it will be his turn to present, then everyone’s eyes are going to be on him, judging at every turn. ‘Hey Bill, are you alright?’ whispered his colleague, it seems that the person next to him noticed. ‘You know there’s really no need to be nervous, right? In my opinion at least’ She quietly said to him. That was the last straw, he knocked his chair over, causing people to stare at him and stop the presentation. People just looked, some motioning him to sit down, some in shook and confusion, or just the two people that just didn’t really mind. This caused Bill to go into an even more panicked state, and starting to pull at his hair. ‘YOUR ALL JUDGING ME’ he continued yelling as he stormed down the hall. His boss, who saw this whole commotion, sent him home and recommended him for therapy… again. Bill was a normal person, he is diagnosed with allodoxaphobia, refuses therapy, was soon fired for not keeping up with his work, wasn’t able to get a job, and now lives in a mental institute. It is rumored that he still hasn’t recovered and is still forced into therapy at least three times a week.

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