Pug Man

Scanning the room, all he saw were scared faces and the glass shards across the floor. A thin line across his own lips curved upwards as he voiced his signature line “NO NEED TO FEAR, FOR PUG MAN IS HERE”. From the corner he saw but a little girl smile and point at him gleefully, but stopped as her mother directed a threatening glare of her own. He frowned, for this was but his job, his cause. He was a hero and a savior of both people and pugs. Cracking his knuckles, he got out his tools, he was going to set these pugs free once and for all. Going up to the first cage, he took the needle and injected the flat faced dog with the cure. The dog slowly fell in to a peaceful sleep. Pug Man smiled as he moved swiftly going cage to cage. The girl from earlier’s face distorted from confusion to realization as Pug Man reached the last cage. The sound of crying and sirens could be heard all throughout the pet shop. The employees and the rest of the costumers were left in shock as Pug Man walked down the isle, soon stopping by the broken window. “Freeze!” the police officer shouted with Pug Man now running out of the store, but soon tackled down by multiple officers.

You see, Pug Man’s real name is Jerry. Jerry is a sixty five year old man who wears neon green underwear outside of a scuba diving suit and euthanizes pugs with pentobarbital to “save them from their suffering”. He had been banned from every pet shop in his city and has over fifteen restraining orders in dog cafes, animal shelters, and dog parks, so he has to either break in by force or sneak in during the night. Now in the hands of the authorities, let’s just say he won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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