Normal Day

Joe yawned, rising from his bed as his alarm went off. He sighed as he lazily got off his bed and changed his clothes. Going into the kitchen he made himself a cup of coffee, walking to his window he opened the blinds to look outside “Why is it always so boring?” he said to himself. Out the window he saw his best and only friend, Bob. Bob as usual was laying down in his dead garden, for he never waters it. Only Joe, who occasionally felt bad for the garden, got a hose or bucket to water it. Otherwise it was dead as can be. “How are you doin’ today, bud” Joe said as he walked over to Bob’s house. As he got closer he saw a dried up brown liquid on the ground, not even slightly fazed, Joe kept going. Soon he was right next to Bob, who had 48 stab wounds on his chest and body. “Same as the usual?” Joe remarked as he sat down. They stared off into the fiery abyss they called a city as the agonizing screams and corpses turned silent. The two friends watched the city crumbling down together. The End.

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